• "Such a professional and organised teaching staff ! The teachers continually verified that the course was meeting my expectations, and they adjusted well to feedback. Indeed, they exceed my expectations." Aubrey (November 2018)
  • "I'm really enjoying my conversation classes with Claire. She is encouraging, and inspires me to develop and improve my spoken French. Claire introduces all sorts of activities, which makes the classes so engaging." Karen (June 2018)
  • "Heloise is really enjoying her time with you and getting an awful lot out of it - which is great as she was starting to dislike French. I am really pleased with what you have done." Lucy (October 2017)
  • "She got an A! Thank you very much. Your input both technical and confidence building was invaluable." Emma (September 2017)
  • "Steve LOVES the class and is really excited about going for his exam!!!"(July 2017)
  • "Maeva was terrific at helping our son with revision for his French GCSE - and he got an A* so clearly all well worth it." Nick (October 2016)
  • "There are three elements to Alliance Française d'Oxford that are worth knowing about: its teaching, its general philosophy, and its happy organisation." Mark (June 2016)
  • "A little slice of French language and culture in Oxford." Thomas (May 2016)

Bonjour!  Here to learn French?  Bienvenue chez les experts!

We are the official centre for French in Oxford.


 *10% discount for yearly registration - equivalent to 7 hours of free French (for 2-hour-weekly-group classes)!

Classes start on the 16th of September for our Autumn term

(13 weeks of classes)