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Terms and conditions 2020

Maximum class size is five students on site until the UK government measures on social distancing due to the limitation of the spread of COVID-19 are lifted. Exclusively online classes will have a maximum of 10 people per class. A minimum of four students is required to constitute a class. An online class could be moved to an onsite class at the request of the Alliance Française d'Oxford or the students if all students registered in the class agree in writing and only if this is done in respect of the UK government measures limitation of the spread of COVID-19.

In the event of cancellation on your part less than 7 days before the group course starts, fees are non-refundable.

Fees for classes are paid termly or yearly and may not be pro-rated due to student's absence. The fees can be paid termly if the student is registered for the year. The 10% reduction in fees on group classes only for a yearly registration are valid only for the Alliance française d'Oxford’s academic year 2019-2020 and at the discretion of the management, and The discount is redeemable every term if the full discounted fees are paid termly upon receipt of the termly invoices. Charges equivalent to the discount plus a small administration fee will be incurred if you decide on a early withdrawal from the classes for whichever reason there might be. Payment is due 2 weeks before the date of the first class at the latest. Tuition books are not included in the courses. If the class you choose is full, or if we must cancel a class because of insufficient enrolment, we will contact you about registering for another course.

Filling the online registration from does not guarantee a place in the class, since the class might be full. Your place will be reserved once you have received the invoice you will receive offering you a space in the class has been payed.

In case of private tuition (one-to-one, two-to-one, three-to-one, tutorials, masterclasses, French in the workplace), the package is valid for 1 year from date of purchase, is transferable to a family member but is non-refundable. PLEASE NOTE a 48h-business-hours' notice is required for cancellations or changes (including modifications to the time or date of the next tuition session) or the session will be charged in full.

Please note there is a £25 registration fee if you are registering with us for the first time.
This covers administration fees, the proficiency test, 12% reduction in fees in some Alliances
Françaises in France, and a complimentary notebook. By paying your registration fee, you
automatically become a member of the Alliance française d'Oxford Association and this gives
you the right to vote in the Annual General Meeting.

By enrolling your children to one of our pre-GCSE, GCSE, intensive workshops, events,
private tuition or A-level classes (children turning 11 years of age in the school year and
above), you accept that the Alliance française d'Oxford will not be responsible for their
safety once they leave the Alliance française d'Oxford’s premises after class. If you do not
wish your child to leave unaccompanied after their class, please let us know.

For our Complaint policy and procedure, Child Protection Policy or Data Protection policy and procedure, please visit our website.

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I consent to having photos or videos taken during the classes or at events I am attending in accordance with our Data Protection policy. Alliance française d'Oxford will notify me ahead of time and before publication.
I consent to the Alliance française d'Oxford sharing my medical information strictly with staff concerned (my teacher in most cases) for my own safety in accordance with our Data Protection policy.