We can offer training for:

French in Glasgow


If not simply for your own benefit, these French diplomas can be an asset
to your CV as they are internationally recognised for both
professional applications and university studies.

For instance, holders of the DALF C1 diploma and sometimes the DELF B2
can be exempted from taking an entrance test before enrolling in a French University.
For foreign students, the DALF C1 is usually the required gateway
to the most prestigious schools or universities.

If you wish to emigrate to Québec or Canada,
the eTEFaQ/eTEF Canada are also highly recommended.

French in Glasgow

You still need to pass the exams!

Sessions in London, Birmingham, Cambridge, Manchester
in December, March, June

Costs between £70 and £170

The Institut Français in London is an exam centre.
It is accredited by the International Centre for
French Studies for DELF, DALF and TCF,
and by the French Chamber of Commerce for
Professional French Exams.